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Monday 17, 2010

Recent developments, upgrade and future plan  
FNMOC M.Sestek Download
MSC P.Houtekmar Download
NCEP Yuejian Zhu Download
Iclusion of FNMOC  
MSC Evaluation against observations, Normand Cagnon Download
NCEP Evaluation against best analysis, Bo Cui Download
Data Exchange and Dissemination  
MSC L. Powlin Download
NCEP/EMC R. Wobus Download
FNMOC B. Anderson/M. Sestek Download
NCEP Cyclone tracks and CXML format data exchange, D. Wobus Download
MSC Cyclone track prototyping from Canada, M. Charron Download
ESRL Update from TIGGE working group, Zoltan Toth Download
NAEFS-LAM Experiment and Operation  
NCEP SRFEF's plan for NAEFS-LAM, Jun Du Download
MSC REP's status, future upgrades, plan, M. Charron Download
MSC REP's file formats, size and exchanges, L. Poulin Download
NAEFS extenden forecast, long range ensemble and merging  
NCEP Week 2 forecast, development and plans, D. Collins Download
Lecture and training  
High impact tropical weather C. Thorncroft Download
Tuesday 18, 2010 - Products and applications and verifications
NAEFS Products    
NCEP Bias correction and downscaling, B. Cui
Precipitation analysis, Dingchen Hou Download
Week-2 products, Dan Collins Download
FNMOC/NCEP Wave ensemble driving by global ensemble winds,
Mike Sestek/Hendrink Tolman


EPS based wave forecasting, André Methot

Day 6 and 7 Canadian automated public forecast, B. Archambault Download
NAEFS Verification and discussion  
NCEP Performance metrics, Yuejian Zhu Download
FNMOC Verification, Mike Sestek Download
Usage of NAEFS products in Mexico  
CPTEC D. Herdies Download
MSC Zhiming Kang Download
SMN Alberto Hernández Unzón Download
IMTA Ricardo Prieto/René Lobato Download
Lecture and training  
Ensamble Forecasting Normand Cagnon, MSC Download
Predictability and ensemble generation Eugenia Kalnay, UMD Download
Wednesday 19, 2010 NAEFS Future Direction
Products design improvements, new products  
NCEP Future coupling GEFS for extended forecast, M. Peña Download
  Real time forecasts/hindcasts for extended forecast calibration,
Y. Shu
ESRL Stochastic Physics - THORPEX proposal, D. Hou Download
Future post-process - THORPEX proposal, B.Cui Download


Wednesday 19, 2010
International Activities  
Status of THORPEX program D. Burridge (THORPEX) Download
Summary of 5th NAEFS Workshop A. Methot (CMC) Download
Status TIGGE/GIFS Z. Toth (ESRL) Download
YOCT M. Moncrieff Download
Winter T-PARC Y. Song (NCEP) Download
IPY Hanesiak (University of Manitoba) Download
Ongoing research activities  
US C. Thorncroft (U. Albany)
Canadian R. McTaggart-Cowan(EC)
Sera J.L. Vazquez/J. Cervantes (UV)
DA and NWP R. Lobato (IMTA)
Tropical Weather V. Magaña (UNAM)
Observing Systems, coastal L. Brito (SIBNOR)
Thursday 20, 2010
Regional Priorities  
Central American Priorities H. Hidalgo
Caribbean Priorities A. Campusano
Mexican observing networks M. Ronsegaus
DA and NWP V. Davydova
Forecasting HIW in México A. Caracas
Forecasting HIW in México H. Rodríguez
User-defined products and evaluations S. Pérez
Thorpex research collaborations  
SERA B. Mills Download
THORPEX-like activities M. Douglas Download
THORPEX collaborations & opportunities TBD, M. Peña, USTEC member Download
Regional Priorities and opportunities  
U.S. USTEC member Download
Canada R. McTaggart-Cowan Download
Science plan and implementation documents  
Update of Canada's G. Brunet/R. McTaggart-Cowan Download
Update of Mexico's R. Prieto/V. Davydova Download